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DURATOP PostForming


Duratop Postforming is the result of a collaboration between PT Industri Dagang Kadanka Utama (IDKU) and PT. Technowood Indonesia which is a subsidiary of AICA Kogyo co., Ltd. Japan, the largest HPL producer in Japan. Manufactured to meet JIS standards, using environmentally friendly materials and made with a high pressure process.

Duratop postforming is a combination of MDF and HPL using a special adhesive so that it will not be delineated, heated to a certain temperature, bent using a special machine so that the end of the panel is beautiful to the eye and functional, free from water infiltration into the panel underneath.

Duratop Postforming is done on the opposite side while the left and right panels are processed in another way. Duratop Postforming can be applied to counters, door panels, wall panels and others in schools, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants & cafes, laboratories, airports and other facilities that want durability and a better appearance.

Duratop postforming is a green product because all the components of the material used meet the requirements of a green product. Another advantage of Duratop postforming is that it is processed by PT IDKU, which has decades of experience in postforming.

The length of the postforming panel is 3050 mm which other brands don't have.