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SUNRAY Acrylic Solid Surface


SUNRAY Acrylic Solid Surface is a surface coating material that is made from 100% acrylic and fillers.

SUNRAY Acrylic Solid Surface can be used as an alternative artificial ingredients of Granite , marble and natural stone , can be used for surface dining table , kitchen table , sink table , staircase railing , bathroom walls , receptionist desks and counters. Usually used in a Banking , Hospital , Hotel , Restaurant , Public area and Residential .

SUNRAY Acrilyc Solid Surface is safe materials with superb aesthetics . SUNRAY Acrilyc Solid Surface is a result of the development of SUNRAY Solid Surface .

Non Porous
Hygienic because fungus and bacteria cannot grow

Seamless Joint

Can be repolished to look brand new again

Color & Pattern
Pick to match your designs

UV Resistant


Suitable for complex designs 


More luscious than ever