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IDKU’s factory is located at Bekasi, 35km from capital city of Jakarta. Running effectively since 2002, our factory was built on a total area of 1 hectare with the building space of 7300 sqm.


There are certain aspects that formed a company into one solid and powerful organization. IDKU treasures these aspects as fundamental values which give us more opportunity to grow and expand our business.

Our factory is supported with high speed and modern machineries from Europe, resulting in the mass production of good quality products with competitive prices as well as high production capacity for semi-mass products. A very strong and well established facility, combines with well trained human resources and world class technology, makes our products come with supreme quality offering reliability and high level of precision.

The manufacturing plant has well equipped machinery to ensure in house processing of almost all the components used in our product line. This enables us to produce with high speed without compromising quality. Our set of machinery includes cutting/sizing, pressing, edging, boring, grooving and forming.

Manufacturing Process
Quality and Expertise are just the beginning. At IDKU, we use only the highest quality production methods.

Production Design Phase
Modifying the design to fit the manufacturing processes and efficiencies to minimizing cost resulting in competitive price for our clients.

The individual parts required for your project are cut to size and each part is carefully labeled for future assembling references.

Parts Assembling
The components of the furniture are assembled.

Check parts and Components for Quality
The integrity of the parts and components is verified.

Performing Final Assembly
The pieces of furniture are fully assembled.

Finishing and Final Quality inspection
Each component is carefully inspected and tested to ensure there’s no flaw and according to specification.

Packed and Ready for Delivery
The furniture is carefully packed in preparation for delivery.