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With its strong chemical reagent, resistance and high temperature resistance, SUNRAY Lab assures to be the best choice for laboratory worktop.

SUNRAY Lab Worktop offer an ideal laboratory working environment for its high density, compressive strength, flexural strength, fire resistance, liquid absorption and high temperature resistance. SUNRAY Lab Worktop product will not delaminate and swell or crack, non porous and monolithic. It cannot be separated or detached by mechanical or chemical methods

SUNRAY Lab is extremely resistant to the corrosive effect of most laboratories chemical. Most chemical are unable to attack SUNRAY Lab Worktop since there are no laminations or porosity in which to penetrate. Its molecular structure is highly resistance to reaction with acids and other laboratory chemical.

Special surface coating from vinyl ester and filler material makes SUNRAY Lab extremely durable. The strong polymer bonding within SUNRAY Lab gives its surface and structural hardness comparable to stone but without stone’s inherent inconsistency and porosity.

Acid Resistance
Fit for hospital and research application
Non Porous
Hygienic and easy to maintain