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SUNRAY Solid Surface

SUNRAY is a result of both the recent discovery in modern technology and design innovation that is specifically created to offer an outstanding ability and flexibility.

SUNRAY is the international standard quality product of Solid Surfaces which made and manufacture in Indonesia. With quality that is beyond any expectations, SUNRAY is dared to be compared with other brands in the market because it has all the luxuries and prestige of a surface that boast together the incredible strength, attractive design and resistance. It gives a brand new horizon to designers and architects when concerning the use of interior elements, such as wall treatment, counters, architectural signage, furniture and accessories.

SUNRAY is grouped into two collections which vary from solid to natural stone, each of the collection comes in the standard dimension of 3000 x 800 x 8 mm and 3000 x 800 x 12 mm.

Suitable for any applications
SUNRAY Solid Surface can be easily cut, routed, drilled, molded or bent like a piece of hardwood. It is also renewable and repairable, giving a smart solution for any commercial and residential purposes. Stylish countertops, well-designed washbasins or exclusive meeting table; whether it is to add more pleasant ambiences to a restaurant or simply to set a comfortable nuance at your home, SUNRAY fits the idea perfectly.

SUNRAY can also be laser cut, engraved, printed and whatever process you could imagine. Its renewable characteristic gives it unlimited possibilities to be seamlessly joined and shaped into virtually anything.

Unsurpassed Quality for Optimum Benefits
SUNRAY Solid Surface is ideal for a wide array of environments (including home, office buildings, shopping centers and healthcare facilities) because it is excellent in durability and highly resistant to high temperature, heat, stains, bacteria and hard impact. Its colors and textures also stay consistent at all times.

Pleasant to Look At
The non-porous, seamless, combinable palette and limitless form of SUNRAY Solid Surface is available in various patterns and colors, so practically any look can be easily created and harmonized, making it ideally suited for a flexible range of commercial and residential applications.

Non Porous
Hygienic and easy to maintain

Seamless Joint


Color & Pattern
Choose according to your design

UV Resistant
Longlasting color


Objectify your creation